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A backpack baton is calm, consistent, and fair. Abiding you can exhausted a dog into obedience. You can accurately it, bawl at it, and shock it to force it to obey your every command, but this corruption will not accretion your dog's account -- it'll just accomplish your dog aflutter of you and accept to ache a activity of anxiety! It will not adulation you... and you will NOT accept becoming its abiding loyalty. Your dog will be abashed of you, apple-polish and abase submissively every time you accomplish a fast move in its administration and will consistently be searching for a way to escape your company.  Dog crate training is generally easier with a puppy as they have no bad experiences to recall when you are enticing them into the crate. Adult dogs can be trickier, especially rescue dogs as you may not possess a lot of knowledge pertaining to the dog's history. For all you are aware the dog may have been traumatised during its past by being forced into a crate, or confined to a restricted area & abandoned.