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First you should accumulate calm and asses the bearings properly; over-worrying will could could could could could could could could cause you to overlook things that accept accepted faculty to others. Alpha by closing all the doors in your abode and appropriately analytic your home. Dogs can acquisition their way into a lot of places doubtful to us bodies so attending in every abode accessible and places you anticipate would be impossible.  All creatures have some sort of defense mechanism. Dogs have three ways of dealing with an aggressor: fight, flight, or avoidance. In protection dog training a good trainer will utilize a dog's defense drive to build on what he has learned with prey drive. The trainer will show the dog that in certain situations a person is a threat and can be dealt with using the skills taught in prey drive. In this way, prey drive and defense drive work together. In essence, a dog is taught that when given a command that the aggressor is a real threat and he should use his skills to fight the threat. As with prey drive these skills are taught only under command and with high levels of control and safety.