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You will acquisition that the approved dog collars are accessible in abounding sizes, colors as able-bodied as looks. The dog training collar is absolutely absolutely a benefaction for some people, as it will finer put an end to the misbehavior of the dog. By advertence the abhorrent sensations of the shocks it receives, abounding dogs will apprentice to behave if a dog training collar is used.  The next assumption I typically make is 'assume the other dog owner knows nothing about dogs'. When I approach another dog owner on the street or in a park I often find that they are eager to have their dog meet both my dog and me. I often hear comforting words such as, "Oh, he's fine with other dogs," or, "It's ok, he's friendly." Well the truth is that maybe their dog has been friendly with a few dogs but who is to say that their dog will be friendly with my dog? I was once walking with a client and their dog down a path in the woods when along came a beautiful Airedale Terrier. As we approached the owner of the terrier called out, "He's friendly!" following which the dog immediately proceeded to lunge at the leash while barking quite aggressively, obviously looking for a fight. Both I and my client's dog barely missed being bit as the other owner was nearly pulled over. Ever since this experience, and many similar ones, I have realized that I can't trust the judgment of other dog owners.