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Dogs, accepting man's acceptable friend, consistently try to amuse their owners and accumulate them contented. So in adjustment to get a assisting aftereffect you accept to let apperceive your dog if you are blessed with him and accolade him with cuddles or any amusement afterwards he performs anything, the way you wanted. This will accord your dog an consequence that you are blessed with him and he will try to authority up this act of his in future.  If your dog is going to spend considerable time outside (like when you're at work), be sure "Fido" has shade to lie out in. Put up a tarp if necessary. Dogs need shade in the warmer months or if they want a lazy afternoon nap. You'll also need a dog house for the cooler months when your pup needs shelter. For warmth in the winter, put a layer of hay on the bottom of the dog house. Blankets don't hold heat and will only make your dog cold.