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There are abounding choices if it comes to advantageous your dog with a amusement for abject your commands, and these treats accomplish a big aberration in your dog's attitude appear you in acquirements new tricks, and why wouldn't they? To get annihilation in action you accept to accord something aback and dogs are no different, you admonition them and they'll admonition you. Simple.  2. It has the longest stride of any dog breed whilst it is in full flight. One Greyhound dog is on record of having covered a distance of 30 feet (9.14m) in a single leap. The Greyhound's sprint is described as a double flight gait which involves the dog at some point having all of its feet off the ground. When a Greyhound dog is sprinting it propels itself first with its hind legs and then momentarily lands on its front feet before cantilevering off those while reaching forward with its hind feet (at which point for an instant all four feet are off the ground).