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Dog trainers will accustom you what array of training accessories apparel your puppy best. Baby dog training collars will admonish your puppy to become acquainted of his limits, while a clicker will admonish your pet to obey orders by agency of absolute reinforcement. These two training accessories can even be combined. Baby dog training collars and limited dog training collars will be able as continued as you use them properly. These collars are meant to adviser your pet, to abash adverse behavior and not to aching him. However, some collars may aching your dog if they are the amiss admeasurement or if acclimated inappropriately.  You may want to reconsider your possible pet purchase, if the breeder will not let you visit the facility where they breed the dogs. The same goes for a visitation that shows an unclean, unhealthy environment, as this may mean health or temperament problems right from the start.