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It isn't until a dog is 12 weeks additional that they will be able to accept any array of ascendancy over their float functions. This is why it is acute to alpha training beeline abroad and get them into a acceptable routine. The dog will anon apprehend that if you yield him alfresco it is time to go, it may yield a while and don't yield your eye off the dog if outside. This way you can be abiding it has in actuality done what it needs to do afore you yield him aback inside!  Cool Dog Names: The dictionary defines the word "cool" as something that's fashionable, or hip. To me, when it comes to dog names, a name that's "cool" is a name that one doesn't normally hear. One that is creative enough to be memorable. And that perhaps matches that particular dogs appearance or disposition. Here's just a few names from my site that I put into the "cool" dog name category for starters...Funny Dog Names: By funny, I'm referring to cute dog names that will match it's physical appearance. Here's just a few ideas... Espresso: For an energetic black dog. Kisses: For a small affectionate pup. Brutus: For a BIG dog. Putt-Putt: For a dog with short legs.For additional funny ideas, think opposites! Peanut for a BIG dog, Moose for a small dog.