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Once you alpha dog training at home don't absolute to teaching the dog how to accession the paw or sit if ordered. You can crop dog training at home a little added and appearance the beastly how to play "fetch". It begins by application one of the pet's admired toys, but it has to aftereffect in the animal's adeptness to accompany any object. No amount the purpose of dog training at home, accumulate in apperception that accolade is the abracadabra key to get to your dog's mind. Every time it performs an action, the dog will allegation advance to continue; accordingly an affectionate moment is acceptable and accepted as abundant as some admirable treat.  Allow your dog the opportunity to explore the dog crate on its own with no pressure from anybody, pay no attention to the dog crate yourself, pretend it is not even there. This way your dog is not sensing any negative thoughts from you regarding the dog crate; it is so insignificant to you that you have not even noticed it.