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*Bones: NEVER FEED YOUR DOG CHICKEN BONES! These basic are breakable and accept aciculate edges. Chicken basic can could could could could could could could cause accident to your dog's belly and throat. They can aswell stick in your dog's throat causing asthmatic which can advance to death. Basic of any affectionate can aswell able your dog's teeth.  Hunting dogs benefit from leather boots to protect their feet from sharp rocks. Rubber boots help protect the dogs feet from tracking mud into the house. In cold weather states Insulated boots help with the frost factor in some of the areas that have lots of freezing weather. Antifreeze chemicals used in deicing streets in cold weather states hurt dogs paws, the dog may start licking them and end up ingesting the toxins. Ingested antifreeze toxins can shut down your dogs kidneys. To prevent this, it is necessary to wash the dogs paws in warm water immediately. Boots can help protect your dogs health and the mess that comes with the combination of cold weather and furry feet.