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Never acquirement a ample brand dog if you do NOT accept the time to accord this brand abounding walks outdoors or accept an amid breadth to acquiesce this brand to use its muscles. Breeds such as the Golden Retriever, the Rottweiler, The Mastiff, the German Shepherd, Abounding Dane and added ample brand dogs allegation allowance to antic and stretch! Crating for hours on end can could could could could could could could cause abounding medical problems for the dog. Abounding bodies who crate their dogs for amaranthine hours anniversary and every day aberration a dog's adversity walking for hip dysplasia! A dog who is not accustomed to physique up its muscles.......who is not acquiesce the befalling to accept allowance to grow, stretch, run and be the dog it should be will accept all sorts of aches and pains! Of course, there can be collective affliction as able-bodied due to NOT appliance the limbs enough. If your dog is crated for amaranthine hours, you are stunting the advance of your dog.